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Platforms & Ventures


Brakkett is our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for a modern cloud application for the emerging SPOC (Small Private Online Courses) segment of the Education ecosystem. Unlike MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), SPOCs are hosted and delivered by specialists to a small audience. Brakkett allows an expert to host his/her own virtual Campus , complete with promotion, enrollment and course delivery.

Brakkett platform is available to individuals as well as to corporations.  Within corporations, Brakkett is useful in organizing global learning groups for employee and client training, team-based knowledge sharing, internships, and much more. Hosted on the global Microsoft Azure cloud, the platform is infinitely scalable and is securely authenticated through Active Directory.

Curriculum Station

Curriculum Station is a AI-enabled personalized curriculum platform created from ground up for the new era of digital content and individualized instruction. The platform is capable of operating stand-alone or as part of an integrated Learning Management environment such as Moodle or Canvas. Curriculum station incorporates our SchoolGraph Intelligence technology to help EDUs dynamically adapt content delivered to a student based on various cognitive responses and other 'triggers'.

Curriculum Station platform includes a 'submit/review/approve' collaboration workflow to involve teachers and external consultants in curriculum content development, and can accommodate any Competency Based Framework and Student Learning Standard.  Modern interfaces such as LTI and Moodle interface are included, along with Active directory federation for FERPA secure access.


DataCello is a cloud platform serving the needs of organizations requiring advanced data analytics capabilities without the need to make investments in hardware, software, cloud infrastructure or technical expertise.  The DataCello suite includes Dashboard Server and Composer; Report Server and Composer; Analytics Server and Composer; Publication Server and Composer; and Display server and Composer.

Additionally, DataCello includes Consumer Portals for delivery of outputs to web browsers and mobile devices with no need for any special application at the user end. Each individual dashboard or analytics panel can be secured by an additional password.


EDUanalytix is our open analytics Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) built from ground-up for the EDU ecosystem. It works independently with any BIG DATA environment and also our SchoolHouz datawarehouse complex. Three categories of analytics are supported - descriptive, predictive and prescriptive.

Several EDU-specific algorithms, machine intelligence models and libraries are available as 'services' for easy integration and use.   Results of analytics are stored in datasets, datamarts and datacubes.  These can be delivered through simple integrations with general-purpose visualization platforms such as Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI, and Qlick  as well through our SchoolMetrik platform. Complex integrations accommodate any third party data source or data type.

This platform operates in the Microsoft Azure cloud and is designed to auto-scale to accommodate unlimited data sources, users and visualizations.


EDUmontage is a Global Content Distribution platform for promoting content, a la Google Ad platform for the EDU ecosystem.  With 'webhooks' into various applications developed by Mekoor IP Ventures, it improves access to, and collaboration between educators and providers of content, services and solutions to the EDU ecosystem. EDUmontage is consistent with the expectations of modern educators, already used to similar social media platforms in their daily lives.

The architecture of EDUmontage enables a promotional campaign to deliver content to select audience, worldwide, and to track click response and message effectiveness. This application can be utilized in a variety of usage scenarios. Its open design allows it to be integrated with any application.


HelpTOTO is a modern platform created to address the needs of EDUs and other organizations to organize and deliver a professional-grade knowledge management, and staff development content at an affordable cost.  HelpTOTO is built on the Microsoft SharePoint online platform and is available on the Office365 cloud as well.

With HelpTOTO, an EDU can organize 'how-to' manuals, demonstration and training videos, and other digital content in a easy-to-access portal. The technology department and other departments can keep these updated with minimal overhead.  Teachers and other employees can easily access what they need, and when they need it.

Login Genie

Login Genie is the most comprehensive secure-access-management platform available for EDUs, supporting secure application access via Single Sign On (SSO), access-personalization, content personalization, e-commerce, and promotion delivery. The platform is hosted on the secure Microsoft Azure cloud and is FERPA, CIPA and COPPA compliant.

The platform was designed and built with the EDU ecosystem in mind, and incorporates a number of features that make it easy to set up, manage and scale.

In addition to secure federation via the Active Directory identity management technology, Login Genie also provides its own secure access management system. Student access can be tailored at the individual classroom and learning lab level. Login Genie is also ideal for virtual campuses and on-line learner access.


NavigateIT for education is the first single-pane-of-glass AI enabled platform for automating the entire deploy-instrument-provision-support lifecycle at an EDU. With pre-built instrumentation to hundreds of EDU applications, it makes it easier for IT departments and Managed Services Providers (MSPs) to quickly and affordably deploy any new IT infrastructure, service, or solution, and to collaboratively support and manage an entire INTEGRATED IT SOLUTION STACK - all without additional capital or resource investments.


NavigateIT for education is also the first platform to extend capabilities beyond merely managing various premises and cloud 'silos' (such as networks, servers, databases, storage) on multiple clouds. It now makes it possible to automate the support of an entire 'integrated solution stack' with AI based alert notifications, automated ticket generation, selective delegation to trusted service providers, drill-down dashboards for RCA (Root Cause Analysis), etc.. Best of all, it integrates with current help desk, RMM and other tools in use.

With seamless one-click provisioning via LoginGenie, our  AD integrated Single Sign On user-access-management platform, EDUs can automate and streamline the entire enrollment-identity-authentication-access-monitoring lifecycle. Together, they free-up a lot of manual, time consuming, low value-add activities within the IT organization of an EDU, freeing up resources for higher-value-add activities.


SchoolArc is a cloud hosted Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for EDUs and vendors providing specialized services to EDUs and families.  SchoolArc seamlessly connects the teacher, student, parent and service provider in a FERPA secure manner.  It includes bullying-prevention features and features to block unauthorized interactions. When deployed in an EDU environment, it also allows for a complete monitoring of all communications with auto-search capabilities to detect malicious interactions.

For parents, the platform provides a one-stop-app to track all school related activities, extracurricular activities and supplemental activities of all the children in the family with automatic assignment notifications and many additional features not available in similar platforms today.


SchoolLOGIX is our cloud and cloud-plus-prem. hybrid Workflow-as-a-Service (WaaS) platform to support various EDU-specific workflows and automations that are usually performed manually and take up a lot of IT time and resources in an EDU. This platform is part of the SchoolHouz datafactory and utilizes the Factory Manager Suite to create and manage workflow and automation scripts. Supported automations include:

  • Onboarding-to-secure access activation.

  • Onboarding-to-LMS enrollment.

  • Onboarding-to-office productivity suite activation.

  • Onboarding-to-Education App. suite activation.

  • IMS Global LTI integration.

  • Active Directory (LDAP) Single Sign On integration.

  • All of the above workflows in reverse upon 'offboarding'

This platform accommodate workflows and automations that are 'triggered' by events such as changes to data such as attendance, behavior, financials, HR data, Learning data, etc.  The platform is available on the Microsoft Azure cloud. 


SchoolMetrik is our advanced Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS) platform offering a comprehensive suite of dashboards, analytics panels, reports and campus displays, designed exclusively for the EDU ecosystem. While it can consume and visualize data from any dataset, datamart and datacube or via an API, it has been especially configured for EDUs to achieve real-time insights into operational, academic, learning, behavioral, financial, demographic, HR and any other insight desired in any EDU.

SchoolMetrik offerings include a Composer portal for developing and for scheduling dashboards, analytics panels, reports, eDocuments and displays.  It also includes web-browser and mobile Consumer portals for students, parents, teachers and other permitted users.  Finally it includes a metrics library of nearly 200 EDU specific metrics and KPIs. All access is controlled via a secure Active Directory federation.


SchoolNEO is THE Education Cloud Company.  Its SchoolHouz cloud is the first purpose-built and dedicated cloud for the EDU ecosystem. SchoolNEO is a one-stop-shop to find, create, deploy, integrate, support and transform everything in an EDU. SchoolNEO serves K-12, Higher Ed., Vocational Ed., Corporate Ed., State Ed., and other stakeholders in the EDU ecosystem.

The SchoolHouz cloud brings together several critical capabilities such as a real-time Data Integration Platform to extract and organize data from SIS, HR, Finance, Formative, Summative, Benchmarking and other systems; an Advanced Analytics Platform,  a Data Visualization and Distribution platform; a Learning Management Platform, Personalized Instruction Platform, Campus Display Management Platform, and several others,... to name a few.

SchoolNEO's Solution Management Center is the industry's first platform that combines cloud-brokerage, service brokerage, marketplace, service deployment, Integration, collaboration and E-Rate management - available to both EDUs as well as SchoolNEO Solution Delivery partner entities.


ScholarZoom is a cloud SaaS (Software as a Service) platform for parents, adult students and families to securely access, organize, manage and share academic and performance data via a digital backpack. Increasingly, parents and adult students are asking for their school data to perform their own longitudinal analysis. ScholarZoom includes a number of analytics tools and also provides permissioned access to data for use by specialists, diagnosticians, tutors, college preparation counselors, college admissions offices and financial support entities using the Blockchain Distributed Ledger technology to secure transcripts and other key data.


ScholarZoom opens up additional avenues for parents to get involved in their children's education and to become better partners to their children's traditional schools - regardless of the type of pedagogy and learning model.

ScholarZoom platform is highly secure and scalable, and is available on the Microsoft Azure cloud.


Sociusly (latin for TEAM) is a Office365 based platform providing complete organizational intranets for EDUs utilizing the Microsoft SharePoint online technology.  Sociusly includes several Intranet master templates for the increasingly ubiquitous Office365 based SharePoint online - reducing the cost of deployment, configuration and management by orders-of-magintude.

Sociusly also includes several EDU-specific SharePoint 'Add In's'.  These add-ins deliver EDU-specific information (such as attendance data) directly to a desktop or a department site, by integrating data and content pertaining to operations, demographics, finances, HR and other topics.

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