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Mekoor IP Ventures (Mip Ventures) is rooted in the belief that technology is a force for good in education. With natural roots in technology and education, our founding team was drawn to the need for transformation in US education ecosystem and intrigued by the opportunity to use technology to enable it. The journey was envisioned in 2012 and our strategies and tactics have evolved over time.


We believe that the cloud is a great equalizer, given its ability to scale and flex while lowering costs. As such, we have invested heavily in mastering the cloud for the education ecosystem.  With 150+ person-years of investment, our growing repertoire of intellectual property, technologies and platforms is providing us exciting possibilities to shape the next generation of the EDU ecosystem. Our efforts target various EDU sub-sectors and are poised to disrupt them with unique capabilities.

We have progressively earned the respect and recognition of our clients and industry analysts.  In 2017 we were recognized by CIOReview magazine.  In 2018 SchoolNEO, a portfolio venture, was recognized by Education Technology Insights magazine.  We were also recognized by The Silicon Review magazine.

There is much potential for change and progress in the education ecosystem.  We are committed to doing our part.

Education + Technology + Passion